The secret behind our success is a professional kitchen team with extensive experience in Japanese cuisine from other well-known restaurants in the world and more than 20 years of operation in Bergen.


small bits of food served before dinner

  • One spoon of 2 gram AKI Black Label sturgeon caviar 99,-

    Allergies: fish

  • A tin of 15 gram AKI Black Label sturgeon caviar 425,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Nama oysters with yuzu ponzu salsa (2 pcs) 119,-

    Allergies: soy, mustard, fish, wheat

  • Otoro tartar with five year old aged soy, leek, wasabi and dried bonito flakes 185,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat


The menu is composed of our finest products, both from the land and sea, prepared in the ideal way to retain their individual qualities and flavours. By choosing one of our tasting menus you will experience the taste of our Izakaya dishes, signature sashimi, nigiri and maki, main course from Robata grill and our home made dessert. Tasting menus varies in price depending of the products exclusivity. Please let us know about any allergies. 

  • Nama Experience 1 899,-

    Edamame, signature sashimi, Izakaya dishes, maki & nigiri, roasted farm chicken as a main course. Dessert included

  • Nama Experience 2 1099,-

    Edamame, signature sashimi, Izakaya dishes, signature maki & nigiri, spicy beef tenderloin as a main course. Dessert included

  • Exclusive Nama Experience 1899,-

    Oyster, spoon of AKI sturgeon kaviar, signature sashimi, Izakaya (our best dishes), signature maki & nigiri, lobster from Robata grill with foie gras butter and spicy beef tenderloin as a main course. Dessert included

  • Sushi Omakase 597,-

    Our chefs will ensure that you are comfortable leaving the choice of sashimi, nigiri and maki to us


Japanese small dishes meant for sharing

  • Edamame with sea salt 109,-

    Allergies: soy

  • Vegetable tempura 129,-

    Allergens: wheat, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish

  • Tempura scampi 4 bites 179,-

    wheat, soy, wheat, egg, fish, shellfish

  • Tataki beef with ginger shallot dressing 109,-

    Allergens: soy, milk, sesame

  • Mini burger with wagyu, toro and avruga caviar 185,-

    Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, fish, mustard

  • Tuna tartar with jalapeño foam and pomegranate 139,-

    Allergens: wheat, milk, fish, shellfish, sesame, soy

  • Miso soup with wakame, tofu and spring onion 99,-

    Allergens: wheat, soy, shellfish

  • Crispy baby artichokes, mushroom, truffle emulsion, grapefruit and herbs 149,-

    Allergies: wheat, milk, fish, soy, sesame, eggs

  • Robata grilled scallop with yuzu espuma, lime, shiso and nori perls 159,-

    Allergies: milk, wheat, shellfish, sesame

  • Duck breast with orange miso sauce and artichoke foam 295,-

    Allergies: soy, milk, wheat

  • Edamame glazed with chili and garlic 115,-

    Allergies: soy

  • Miso marinated eggplant 129,-

    Allergies: soy, wheat

  • Grilled asparagus with yuzu teriyaki 119,-

    Allergies: soy, sesame

  • Vegetarian mini burger 125,-

    Allergies: wheat, mustard, egg

  • Grilled spareribs with hoisin and yuzu pickled apples 199,-

    Allergies: sesame, soy



  • Tuna in truffle soy sauce 179,-

    Allergies: soy, fish

  • Smoked halibut cured in combu with onion ponzu , marinated onion and goji berries 179,-

    Allergens: soy, fish, wheat, sulfite

  • Yellowtail with black caviar and oriental salsa 179,-

    Allergies: soy, sesame, fish, wheat

  • Flambé salmon with mango and honey dressing 159,-

    Allergies: mustard, fish

  • Robata Scallop with yuzu kosho mayonaisse 179,-

    Allergies: sesame, fish, wheat, soy, molluscs, shellfish

  • Seabass with yuzu dressing and jalapeño 169,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat

  • Moutain trout with rosemary miso 179,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat


  • Japanese scallops with truffle – seaweed salt from Lofoten 139,-

    Allergies: shellfish, molluscs

  • Kobujime: Halibut cured in kombu topped with seaweed salt 139,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Marinated tuna 139,-

    Allergies: soy, fish, wheat

  • Fatty salmon with teriyaki glaze and spring onion 139,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat

  • Torched salmon with mango and honey dressing 139,-

    Allergies: mustard, fish

  • Flambé yellowtail with spicy yuzu kosho 139,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat

  • Otoro: Fatty tuna with Black Label Caviar 259,-

    Allergies: fish




  • Sake: Salmon 89,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Akami: Tuna 109,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Suzuki: Sea bass 109,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Ebi: Shrimp 109,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Hamachi: Yellowtail 129,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Hotate: Scallop 119,-

    Allergens: molluscs

  • Hirame: Halibut 109,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Ise Ebi: Lobster 179,-

    Allergens: shellfish

  • Kani: King crab 189,-

    Allergens: shellfish

  • Chutoro: Medium fatty tuna 145,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Otoro: Fatty tuna 159,-

    Allergies: fish

  • Ama ebi: Raw shrimp 105,-

    Allergens: shellfish


  • Ikura: Trout roe 129,-

    Allergies: fish, mustard

  • Negi-toro: Fat tuna and spring onion 149,-

    Allergies: fish, soy


  • Kappa maki – cucumber and sesame seeds 99,-

    Allergies: soy, mustard

  • Waninashi – avocado, sesame seeds and wasabi 99,-

    Allergies: soy, mustard

  • Tekka maki – tuna and wasabi 129,-

    Allergies: fish, mustard

  • Sake maki – salmon, spring onion and wasabi 119,-

    Allergies: fish, mustard


  • Signature Nama Maki- tempura scampi, avocado, cucumber, chillimayonaise, topped with flambé salmon and teriyaki 179,-

    Allergies: milk, egg, wheat, soy, sesame, fish, shellfish

  • Soft-shell with avocado and tobiko 179,-

    Allergies: wheat, shellfish, fish, soy

  • Tempura maki – fried scampi and avocado 159,-

    Allergies: wheat, fish, shellfish, milk, sesame

  • Vegetarian maki – variation of tempura vegetables 139,-

    Allergies: fish, wheat, sesame, shellfish

  • Cheesy Eel – tempura fried maki with marinated eel, cream cheese, teriyaki and chilli mayonaise 169,-

    Allergies: fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, egg, soy


  • Haru Maki – Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with avocado, honey-mango dressing and ikura 179,-

    Allergens: fish, milk, mustard

  • Smoked trout – cucumber topped with ikura caviar 159,-

    Allergies: milk, fish

  • Fried spicy tuna – cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna and Japanese mayonaisse 189,-

    Allergies: fish, wheat, sesame, egg

  • California maki – king crab, avocado 219,-

    Allergies: softfish, sesame

  • Yuzu marinated salmon with chili and coriander 169,-

    Allergies: fish, sesame

  • Hot Philadelphia – salmon, spring onion and warm cheese on the top 169,-

    Allergies: fish, milk

  • Vegan maki – variation of vegetables 129,-

    Allergies: sesame, soy

  • Wagyu beef maki with cucumber, avocado, avruga caviar and shallot jam 259,-

    Allergies: fish, soy, wheat

  • Ebi maki – avocado with spicy shiso butter 149,-

    Allergies: shellfish, milk

  • Gratinerted scallop with cheese, avocado, cucumber 179,-

    Allergies: shellfish, egg, milk, molluscs

  • Bluefin tuna – La Patería de Sousa foie gras*, asparagus, kumquat and avruga caviar 239,-

    Allergies: fish, soy

    * ‘ethical’ fois gras (without forced-feeding)


Robata grill is one of our specilities. Robata is a short term for "Roatayaki", meaning in Japanese ‘cook in open fire’.The Robata grill can hold up to 700 degrees. This allows the fish and the meat to retain its tenderness and juiciness getting their own barbeque taste.

  • Miso marinated Black Cod 449,-

    Allergies: fish, wheat, soy

  • Helstekt gårdskylling med ingefær- og marukomemiso-marinade 309,-

    Allergener: hvete, sesam, soya, melk

  • Spicy indrefilet av okse 389,-

    Allergies: sesame, soy

  • Japanese Wagyu steak 678,-

    Allergens: milk, soy, sesame

  • Robata grillet hummer med La Patería de Sousa foie gras* smør 679,-

    Allergener: skalldyr, melk, soya, sesam

  • Risotto med hummer og purreløk, Alfonso-mango og sitrongress skum 259,-

    Allergies: shellfish, milk

  • Breiflabb, sauteed shimeji sopp, kål, tosazusaus og purreløk chips 398,-

    Allergener: fisk, soya, melk

  • Iberico med pickled Padron of trøffel iskrem 369,-

    Allergens: milk, egg

  • Chilli- og hvitløk marinert lammecarré med shiso chimichurri 459,-

    Allergies: soy, mustard


  • Namas signatursalat med honning og kokosnøtt 135,-

    (kan inneholde spor av nøtter)

  • Nama’s signatursalat med honning og kokosnøt dressing 99,-
  • Avokado og blandet karse med soya- og limedressing 149,-

    Allergies: soy, sesame

  • Spinatsalat med trøffelolje, parmesan og tørr miso 149,-

    Allergener: soya, melk

  • Goma wakame (sjøgress salat) 69,-

    Allergies: sesame


  • Rice 49,-

    Allergies: sesame

  • Sweet potato with yuzu tofu dressing and roasted hazelnuts 109,-

    Allergies: soy, hazelnuts

  • Grilled corncobs with orange butter 109,-

    Allergies: milk, sesame


  • Chocolate fondant with matcha powder and vanilla ice cream 169,-

    Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk

  • Selection of Nama’s ice cream and sorbet 129,-

    Allergens: milk, egg, wheat

  • Nama´s Bomb – white chocolate, mix of fruits and warm mango dressing 169,-

    Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk

  • Yuzu creme brulee 139,-

    Allergens: milk, egg

  • Homemade vanilla chessecake 159,-

    Allergies: wheat, egg, milk



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